PRODUCT: Social Club Hard Seltzer


We asked real guys like you to try Social Club Hard Seltzer. Here’s what they thought:

Bruce's first impression. . .
I am a fan of other hard seltzer products, and I was excited to try Social Club Hard Seltzer. The variety pack caught my attention because it allows multiple people to have a beverage for their preference, and I especially was pleased with the Old-Fashioned flavor.
-Bruce, WI
Why Eric would share a Social Club Hard Seltzer with a friend. . .
I think people that love the older drinks would really love Social Club Hard Seltzer because they're not getting all the calories and carbohydrates they would get from the actual drink. It's offering them a substitute that tastes just as delicious. I would recommend Social Club Hard Seltzer to my dad because I know he loves the drinks that were popular when he was younger.
-Eric, SC

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