Unstopables - Buy Them To De-Meh Your Laundry!

In Partnership with Downy

We talked to Roger from MD and here’s what he had to say:

Roger’s Experience with Downy Unstopables
I used the Tide scent, and used it in a mixed load of mostly kid’s clothes that had already been washed, but didn’t smell super fresh. After washing with the Unstopables, the laundry smelled amazing!
His Take on Spring Cleaning . . .
I don’t do spring cleaning - we just clean as normal.
How Downy Unstopables’ Fresh Scent Made Roger Feel
I felt energized since the scent is so fresh and powerful, it really wakes up your senses.
The Downy Unstopables Scent he’d Try Next
I would probably choose the Bounce Outdoor Fresh since I like how Bounce smells on its own anyway.
The Scent Booster turned my laundry from meh to not meh, and I'm never doing laundry without it again.

Downy Unstopables