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We talked to Clifford from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Cliff’s Experience with Downy Unstopables
I selected the Downy Unstopables Fresh and I'm using it on a load of white clothes (socks & towels). The scent blew me away with the fresh smell. As a matter of fact it has the entire laundry room smelling good. I mostly noticed the set during the washing and drying. The scent also remained in the clothing well after the clothes were put up. This is much better than those drying sheets.
His Take on Spring Cleaning . . .
When spring arrives it's time to clean up from the harsh winter by letting the windows up, putting up the winter wear and finally cleaning everything getting that winter smell out of the house. Spring is the rebirth of things - the trees and flowers start to bloom, animals wake from deep sleep and the air has a fresh crisp smell to it. This is what spring cleaning reminds me of and upon opening the bottle I got that feeling which is what I enjoy best about this time of year
How Downy Unstopables’ Fresh Scent Made Cliff Feel
It made me feel like spring even though it a ways away and it made me feel like the clothes were fresh and ready to wear. I can walk out into the world feeling like a million bucks!!!
The Downy Unstopables Scent He’d Try Next
I don't think I'd like to try another scent as I believe I hit it out of the park on the first attempt
Using Downy Unstopables will make you feel like a million bucks

Downy Unstopables

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