Subtle Freshness

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We talked to Daniel from WA and here’s what he had to say:

Daniel’s Experience with Downy Unstopables
I purchased the Tide Unstopables because I normally prefer to have unscented articles of clothing, but the Tide had a “fresh” scent and didn't smell too strong. I use Tide as my normal laundry detergent, so I'm very familiar with the scent. I washed some towels that I use as rags in my garage for cleaning. They tend to get musty because I wait until I have a full load of these towel rags as I don't like to wash them with other clothing articles. These Downy Unstopables made them smell so much better! I haven't even put the towels in the dryer yet and they smell good.
His Take on Spring Cleaning . . .
I don't do a normal spring cleaning, but I try to clean regularly so it doesn't build up and become overwhelming to me. However, spring is my favorite time of year because the air is crisp and the evergreen trees surrounding my property start to smell so fresh after being cooped up inside my home all winter. I enjoy having a clean home because I have allergies and the absence of dust makes life much easier on me!
How Downy Unstopables’ Fresh Scent Made Daniel Feel
My definition of “clean” is more than just having my white towels look bright. There is a certain smell that adds to that feeling, and if my clothes smell fresh and look good, that makes me feel good!
The Downy Unstopables Scent he’d Try Next
I like the Tide scent, but if I had to try a different scent, I would likely go with the Bounce Outdoor Fresh as that it's the type of fabric sheet I use on my clothes.
Fresh without smelling like my grandmother just gave me a big hug all day!

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