Sheets that Smell Clean Make You Happy

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We talked to Jason from KS and here’s what he had to say:

Jason’s Experience with Downy Unstopables
I chose the Tide Original scent and used it to wash bedsheets. I was impressed with the scent it added to the clothes. I wasn't sure how it would do. I noticed it when I pulled the sheets out of the dryer and could smell the difference.
His Take on Spring Cleaning . . .
I usually do spring cleaning a little at a time. One room a weekend until it's done. I will wash all the bedsheets and linens in the rooms and clean all the extra towels.
How Downy Unstopables’ Fresh Scent Made Jason Feel
I liked the scent of the Downy Unstopables. It made me feel good about the laundry. It always makes you feel better when you have people over and they use the laundry and it smells good. It adds a level of confidence to yourself.
The Downy Unstopables Scent he’d Try Next
I'll probably try the Lush scent; it smelled good in the store and was hard to decide when I was there. I also think a clean linen scent might be a good scent to have as an option.
I like the clean smell it adds to the laundry and I like the ease of use with this product.

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