The Treat Your Dog Dreams About

In Partnership with Milk-Bone

We talked to Rudy from MA and here’s what he had to say:

Rudy's Take On The Treat Quality Of Wonder Bones
My dog really enjoyed the treats. It made his tail wag and got him barking for more. It made me very happy after seeing his big smile. What I really like about the treats is that they contain no artificial flavors. I do not like feeding my dog fake meat.
His Thoughts On The Rocks x Wobbles
My dog did not play with the treat's rock and wobble feature at all. He just ate and enjoyed it. But I pretty sure a smaller dog might enjoy the rock and wobble feature as a source of entertainment.
Why His Pup Deserves The Best
I love that my dog is there for me when I need him and that he gives me love and affection. My dog deserve the best treats because it shows me real love. So I show him love back with the best treats.
Why Rudy Trusts Milk-Bone
I feel great about giving my dog the Milk-Bone treat. It makes him happy, and when he is happy, I'm happy. I would definitely buy more since I had such a great experience with this one.
The treat that will have your dog barking for more.

Milk-Bone Wonder Bones