Milk-Bone Gets It Right!

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We talked to Robert from MI and here’s what he had to say:

Robert's Take On The Treat Quality Of Wonder Bones
Milk-Bone Wonder Bones appear to be able to keep my dog busy for hours. They are well made and have an authentic bone marrow appearance.
His Thoughts On The Rocks x Wobbles
This feature allows my dog to "play" with his food keeping him entertained while snacking. In addition, the rock and wobble feature allows him to get a good grip on the treat as opposed to being and hard to pick up on hard surfaces.
Why His Pup Deserves The Best
My dog loves me no matter what kind of day I'm having, and therefore deserves the best in food, treats, and life overall. He always appears to smile and wag his tail whenever he gets treats and it makes me so happy.
Why Robert Trusts Milk-Bone
Milk-Bone has been around for so long and they have always made quality treats. They seem to reinvent themselves with new products and keep my dog guessing at what he's getting next.
Milk-Bone Wonder Bones are a treat that I can trust and provide hours on entertainment for my dog.

Milk-Bone Wonder Bones