Tough and Durable for the Most Important Note!

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We talked to Patrick from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Patrick Used Post-it Extreme Notes For…
We are installing new cabinets in our kitchen so we are using the Post-its to make notes on the walls for our installers.
Why Their Durability Was Helpful For His Project…
They improved the project because of their durability to stick to the drywall.
How He Compares Post-it Extreme Notes To Other Sticky Notes
I think these are much stickier than a normal Post-it and I can tell the difference because it’s harder to get them off the pad.
Who Patrick Would Recommend Post-it Extreme Notes To
I would recommend them to teachers and to my wife who is a nurse so she can post them on her computer to make notes while charting.
These are so strong and durable that they are great for any job or craft.

Post-it Extreme Notes

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