At Long Last, the Sticky Notes I've Been Waiting for

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We talked to David from NJ and here’s what he had to say:

David Used Post-it Extreme Notes For…
I am is the middle of moving so these are great for organizing everything.
Why Their Durability Was Helpful For His Project…
They were able to stay attached to the items that I put them on and didn’t have to worry about them falling off.
How He Compares Post-it Extreme Notes To Other Sticky Notes
The adhesive is significantly significantly stronger.
Who David Would Recommend Post-it Extreme Notes To
I recommend them to movers and outdoor hobbyists because you are able to label things without marking the object up. They are a lot less messy the random pieces of tape.
Finally, sticky notes that I don’t have to worry about falling off.

Post-it Extreme Notes

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