Snuggle SuperCare Is Sensationally Superb!

In Partnership with Snuggle

We talked to Dan from NV and here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to swap to SuperCare?
I bought the Snuggle SuperCare liquid soap, sheets, and scent shake. The Lilies and Linen scent sounded really refreshing.
What did you think of the scent?
The Snuggle SuperCare scent is very refreshing and genuine. It doesn't smell chemically like some other brands. I am impressed that my clothes smell so good.
Your turn: What fragrance would you create for your next wash?
I would create a Clove scent since Cloves are refreshing, genuine, and have a great scent. I think others would choose it because it's so unique. I'd name it Clovely.
Your take on Snuggle?
Snuggle is nostalgic for me since I remember watching the commercials as a kid. I admire the Snuggle brand because of their longevity, genuine scents, and they are a brand that I value.
Snuggle SuperCare delivers genuine scents and the brand is authentic, reliable, and nostalgic.

Snuggle SuperCare