Easy To Use With a Clean, Crisp Scent

In Partnership with Snuggle

We talked to James from IN and here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to swap to SuperCare?
I was able to buy the Snuggle SuperCare Fabric Conditioner detergent and Scent Booster. I was excited to try the products because of their price (value) and to try a new scent.
What did you think of the scent?
The scent of the scent booster and detergent were quite strong before adding it to the the machine. However, the clothes all came out smelling clean, with a nice crisp scent.
Your turn: What fragrance would you create for your next wash?
I would like to somehow re-create the smell of a spring flower garden or forest. These scents are such a natural part of the world that it would be nice for my clothes to smell that way.
Your take on Snuggle?
I always think of the little bear and the commercials I saw as a child. It always seemed like a quality company with quality products.
Snuggle SuperCare is easy to use, quality products that leave a crisp, clean scent.

Snuggle SuperCare