Better Nights = Better Days

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If you've ever suffered from clenching or grinding your teeth at night, you know how hard it is to find a dental guard that's comfortable, effective + affordable. The SmartGuard Dental Guard is all three... and it's as high quality as what you'd receive at the dentist. Instructions are easy-to-follow for a personal fit x overnight comfort set this guard apart from the rest. Simply add it to your nighttime regimen + experience the relief.

We talked to Hector R from MN and here's what he had to say:


Q: Describe how you followed the molding instructions and how easy it was to get a great fit with this dental guard.
Hector R:  I brought a cup of water to a boil on the stove top. I then removed it off the heat source and dipped the smart guard into the hot water for 50 seconds before taking it out. I drank a bit of cold water before placing it in my mouth so I wouldn't get burned. I then sucked on the smart guard to remove the moisture and ensure a snug fit. I kept it in my mouth for about 90 seconds before taking it out and dipping it in a glass of cold water for 15 seconds. I immediately tried it to check the fit after taking it out of the cold water.
“Other custom fit guards from the dentists office can cost you hundreds of dollars and do the same thing.”
— Hector R,  MN
Q: Explain any teeth clenching or grinding issues you have had. How did the SmartGuard Dental Guard provide relief for you?
Hector R:  When I sleep I clench and grind my teeth sometimes and wake up with a sore jaw. The Smartguard Dental guard allowed me to feel better in the morning and relieved the soreness in my jaw.
Q: Describe how comfortable it is to wear this dental guard overnight.
Hector R:  It feels a little weird the first night you use it. On the second night it felt a bit more comfortable, and I could get used to it quickly in the next couple of nights.
Q: How would you compare the design and effectiveness of the SmartGuard Dental Guard to other dental guards you’ve worn?
Hector R:  I think it's a smart design because it's smaller and not a full mouth piece, but still stops my back teeth from grinding. Its effective with less.
Q: What are your favorite benefits of the SmartGuard Dental Guard?
Hector R:  My favorite benefits are that you can mold the dental guard to fit better. I also enjoy the benefit of waking up without a sore jaw.
Q: How do you feel about the quality of this product for the pricing?
Hector R:  I think this is a great quality product at great price. Other custom fit guards from the dentists office can cost you hundreds of dollars and do the same thing.