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If you've ever suffered from clenching or grinding your teeth at night, you know how hard it is to find a dental guard that's comfortable, effective + affordable. The SmartGuard Dental Guard is all three... and it's as high quality as what you'd receive at the dentist. Instructions are easy-to-follow for a personal fit x overnight comfort set this guard apart from the rest. Simply add it to your nighttime regimen + experience the relief.

We talked to Austin G. from TX and here's what he had to say:


Q: Describe how you followed the molding instructions and how easy it was to get a great fit with this dental guard.
Austin G.:  Product comes with a simple instructions pamphlet headlined on front cover "Easy Molding Instructions". I opted to use my coffee pot as my source of hot water. Instructions say to boil water and pour into a mug, but I found the coffee pot to be more ideal and hot enough to soften the guard and mold, where as boiling water has the guard softer and hotter longer, and to me more discomfort. My teeth are sensitive to cold and hot. Once you have your hot water in your mug, using a fork submerse guard and hold under water without touching to side, in case you heated your water in a microwave the sides of a mug will be hot and you can possibly damage the guard. Hold submerged for 50 seconds, and guard will have a translucent look to it - like a clear gummy. Using fork remove guard out of water and mug I grabbed guard by the sides between my thumb and pointer fingers and placed in front of my mouth bit down. Since I didn't get guard super hot by bowling water, I didn't have to hold in my mouth as long for the mold to harden, as well swish water in my mouth before molding, which is 90 secs per instructions and it formed flawlessly. While in your mouth, you're instructed to suck the excess water out the mold simply with my tongue I firmly, but I gently pressed with the tip against back of top row of teeth and sucked, as well using fingers to press front to shape guard to teeth. Removed from mouth and placed in cold water - viola that was all.
“Do not be afraid to try this product, it will produce results.”
— Austin G.,  TX
Q: Explain any teeth clenching or grinding issues you have had. How did the SmartGuard Dental Guard provide relief for you?
Austin G.:  I stress a lot, and I'm always tense. My teeth unfortunately take the fall - I find myself clenching my jaw all the time. With the dental guard I cant bite down, and it creates a gap (small but plenty space to make it to where my teeth do not touch). Because of that I can't clench my jaw, and what I consider gnash my teeth like I'm chewing bubble gum with out the gum. I woke up with no tension headache, my jaw was not sore and my gums felt better. It's a great product, and I'm glad I found out about this.
Q: Describe how comfortable it is to wear this dental guard overnight.
Austin G.:  I don't even notice it. Yes, I understand that some will need to adapt, but it really isn't much a bother. I had a more painless sleep, and I am not waking up to a sore jaw or teeth, which I can say is 90 percent of my chronic pain in the morning.
Q: How would you compare the design and effectiveness of the SmartGuard Dental Guard to other dental guards you’ve worn?
Austin G.:  More my style, like the ones for sports but seems to be a better match for me.
Q: What are your favorite benefits of the SmartGuard Dental Guard?
Austin G.:  All of them, grinding has stoped, gnashing and chewing have stopped. I've been able to link other problems I've had to to the problems this guard's remedies.
Q: How do you feel about the quality of this product for the pricing?
Austin G.:  It's great and it's worth it. Do not be afraid to try this product, it will produce results.