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Pourigami // The World’s Smallest Pourover // Portable Coffee Gear

“ Traveling with coffee can be cumbersome, especially when you're like me and don't go a day without a fresh pourover. Whether you're camping, on the road, or just away from your kitchen staples, you want coffee gear that travels well. I've found the trifecta, award winning product that's so compact, it fits right in your back pocket – the MiiR Pourigami™. It's, "the world’s smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee dripper,"according to MiiR that also comes with a case for storage and room to stash filters on-the-go.  I was pleasantly surprised by its sturdiness and sleek design. The three-sided panels orient with grooves that lock in place to ensure a secure pour over. MiiR is a go-to company for me – not only do they make sustainable products, but every purchase helps fund projects focused on bettering the environment and communities in need. Now I can travel knowing I have everything I need to brew my daily coffee, just how I like it. ”

MiiR Pourigami™