Who Needs A Sink

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We talked to David from TN and here’s what he had to say:

What David Thought Of Gunk Wipes
I rather enjoy the Gunk wipes. I've been using them for years at work. We use them for cleaning parts, cleaning our hands, and even our faces. We just get a little bit bigger of a package. They are truly awesome though.
Gunk Is Tough Enough To…
Gunk Wipes are tough enough to clean carbon deposits off of pistons in an engine that's been overloading and burning rich for years. It takes the grease and grime right off your hands without any water and is great even for wiping down break room tables.
Gunk Is Versatile Enough To…
I use them to wipe off door handles, and you can even use them to clean dried on bugs off your windshield without worrying about scratching it up.
The Gunk Product He’d Try Next
I'd really like to try the foaming degreaser. I've heard it's rather good but haven't really found any near me yet.
I'm very surprised at how well they worked.

Gunk Degreasing Wipes