Goodbye Gunk

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We talked to Cory from NY and here’s what he had to say:

What Cory Thought Of Gunk Wipes
This was my first time cleaning the engine but it won't be my last, thanks to this product. Before today, I imagined the task of cleaning under the hood too daunting to even attempt. I love Gunk Wipes!
Gunk Is Tough Enough To…
Gunk Wipes are tough enough to rewind the gunkiest of gunk. These wipes seem to magnetize the grime so with very minimal pressure, pulls it into the wipe.
Gunk Is Versatile Enough To…
Gunk Wipes are versatile enough to clean the worst part of an engine without wearing a glove. Toughest yet gentlest deep clean I never thought possible.
The Gunk Product He’d Try Next
I'll be trying all the products related to Gunk Wipes because I've been blown away. My curiosity has been more than piqued.
Gunk be gone for good!

Gunk Degreasing Wipes