The One Way To Elevate Your Take-out

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Little Drops, Big Flavor. Find a bottle of INK Soy Sauce at your local Walmart + use the store locator to find the closest one near you.

Sometimes, companies just get it right. See: Ink.  Ink soy sauce is delicious and simple to use-- dash, drizzle, pour, dunk.  From stir-fry to burgers to marinades to dipping sauces to salad dressings, every drop of Ink soy sauce brings more to the table, grill and wok than any other soy sauce.  Each bottle is concocted from real ingredients, and crafted in small batches with naturally brewed non-GMO soy sauce.

We talked to [agent_name] from [agent_location] and here's what he had to say:

Q: How would you describe the soy sauce in one word?
Nemat :  Spicy
Q: In one line how would you describe the soy sauce?
Nemat :  This soy sauce adds Thai chili heat to the boring plain soy sauce we are all used to.
Q: What leading flavor do you taste?
Nemat :  Thai Chili
“The Thai Spicy INK soy sauce is perfect to add spice to a stir fry dish.”
— Nemat ,  NC
Q: Can you describe the flavor in one sentence?
Nemat :  Salty soy sauce we're all used to with the addition of a nice spicy Thai chili after-bite.
Q: How did you use or how would you use INK Soy Sauce in the future?
Nemat :  The Thai Spicy INK soy sauce is perfect to add spice to a stir fry dish. I used it for exactly this application and my chicken fried rice turned out great! I can't wait to use it for sushi in the near future.