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We talked to Robert from WA and here’s what he had to say:

Why Robert Picks Planters Cashews
I like Planters Cashews because they're not too salty. Planters nuts are also a quick and easy snack when you're on the go for a good source of protein.
Robert's Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Cashews
I like to snack throughout the day and if Planters were too salty, I wouldn't be able to have them because it would be too much sodium. The fact that Planters is perfectly salted and easy to snack on throughout the day allows me to take a small handful and gain energy back once I start losing momentum.
Robert Uses Cashews in...
I like to use cashews and an Asian chicken salad. I also used cashews in almost any salad that I ate. The one paying for it and I think the cashews, it is my treat a bowl of vanilla ice cream.
He Would Recommend Planters Cashews To
I would recommend Planters Cashews to my friend Jackie. She’s always on the run and gets low on energy because she hasn't had anything to eat. It will keep her from eating out at fast food restaurants and getting back and sodium.
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Planters Cashews

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