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We talked to Alex from AL and here’s what he had to say:

Alex's Thoughts on the Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection Flavors
I like the butter pecans the sweet cinnamon with a hint of savory butter. But the cocoa almonds had the perfect amount of cocoa and salt. I can't really tell ya which one I like the best both are really good.
Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection is the perfect gift because...
Planters is a high quality product with value and taste. I think the nuts is a gift and the tin is an accessory. Yes my family loves planters - especially the cashews.
Alex’s Favorite Holiday Memory
Christmas of 89 when I got my Nintendo. It was the newest coolest thing ever. We weren't rich nor poor but we struggled and that was a treat I wasn't expecting.
How Alex Will Repurpose his Holiday Tin
I am passing it along to a friend that has kids. She is gonna use it as a gift box for her younger daughter.
The flavors of the nuts all come together just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

Planters Premium Holiday Tin Mix

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