Planters Holiday Delight.

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We talked to Dennis from CA and here’s what he had to say:

Dennis's Thoughts on the Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection Flavors
The roasted almonds cocoa with pink Himalayan salt has a hint of cocoa. Not bad but I like the butter cinnamon pecan - nice sweet flavor. I go with the butter cinnamon pecans I'll buy it again.
Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection is the perfect gift because...
I like the idea of the tin packaging and the flavoring of the nuts I think some of my family friends would like it.
Dennis’s Favorite Holiday Memory
Christmas dinner was a favorite the family gathering at the dinner what makes it stand out. I was with aunt and uncle at their house all family members there. That's special in itself.
How Dennis Will Repurpose his Holiday Tin
It's definitely reusable so I'll probably use it as a storage bin and a conversational piece.
A great enjoyable alternative holiday collection.

Planters Premium Holiday Tin Mix