Planters Cashews.. For When You Are Hangry!

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We talked to Keith from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Why Keith Picks Planters Cashews
They are healthy to eat and satisfying due to the high amount of protein. Great snack without high calories. Very good for your health.
Keith's Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Cashews
They are high in protein and a great snack to eat between healthy meals. High in good cholesterol and heart healthy.
Keith Uses Cashews in...
Thai chicken with noodles are one of our favorites to use with cashews as a topping. Very satisfying dish and the cashews make it even tastier.
He Would Recommend Planters Cashews To
I would recommend Planters cashews to anyone as long they don't have an allergy. It's a healthy snack that satisfies.
Planters offers a heart healthy snack that satisfies hunger between meals.

Planters Cashews

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