Planters amazes the holidays!

In Partnership with Planters

We talked to Neil from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Neil's Thoughts on the Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection Flavors
Cocoa Almonds with Pink Himalayan Salt Roasted Almonds. It was Savory and not overly sweet.
Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection is the perfect gift because...
Excellent packaging to ship or wrap. High quality premium product.
Neil’s Favorite Holiday Memory
The butter pecan with the cinnamon reminds me of the fall and holidays. The almonds remind me of a summer night or wintertime with a cup of hot chocolate.
How Neil Will Repurpose his Holiday Tin
Small gifts for xmas. Eat the good stuff inside. Use the tin for loose small presents or gloves, scarves.
These nuts are purely blissful.

Planters Premium Holiday Tin Mix

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