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We talked to Denny from IN and here’s what he had to say:

Why Denny Picks Planters Cashews
I like them because they're very tasty and they are good for you.
Denny's Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Cashews
Honestly, it’s to where it can't do anymore harm to your body than you already are. As long as it tastes good and is good for you, it’s a bonus.
Denny Uses Cashews in...
I don't really have a dish that I make with them because I don't really cook all that well. I always eat them as a snack and I think everybody should try them that way because that’s the way they taste the best.
He Would Recommend Planters Cashews To
I would recommend them to my dad. My dad loves cashews and other types of nuts. It’s his favorite snack food.
While they did not have the tendons or the displays, I was able to purchase Planters cashews in the main aisle.

Planters Cashews

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