Nuts about nuts.

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We talked to Avery from OH and here’s what he had to say:

Avery's Thoughts on the Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection Flavors
I definitely liked the kettle cooked pecans - they were very flavorful and good. I'm not a big fan of almonds but they weren't to bad. The flavor was good, I just don't like the texture of almonds.
Planters Deluxe Holiday Collection is the perfect gift because...
It is very convenient. Doesn't really require wrapping.
Avery’s Favorite Holiday Memory
My dad always got a big canister of Planters mixed nuts at Christmas. It was actually a tradition in our family. He only ate peanuts the rest of the year.
How Avery Will Repurpose his Holiday Tin
Cookies - perfect to take baked treats to the in-laws .
I'm nuts for Planters nuts.

Planters Premium Holiday Tin Mix

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