A Handful Of Planters Cashews A Day Keep The Brain Awake

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We talked to Gustavo from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Why Gustavo Picks Planters Cashews
When we talk about nuts, especially the cashew, we have to note this is one of mother nature's gifts. Nuts are jam packed with nutrients and healthy fats.
Gustavo's Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Cashews
I am certainly a snacker, and I love snacking cashews in the morning or after a vigorous workout. Knowing my health depends on these little guys makes it an easy decision when I reach for my healthy snack.
Gustavo Uses Cashews in...
Normally I eat them as is, but if I'm feeling fancy, I'll crush and saute them in some avocado oil and drizzle it over some spinach to have with some wild sockeye salmon.
He Would Recommend Planters Cashews To
I can recommend Planters Cashews to anyone who is health conscious and wants to fuel themselves with quality fuel. I love them, and so does my family, and we enjoy them regularly. So unless you have allergies to nuts, there is no excuse why they shouldn't be in your home, and even if you do, everyone love them so they're great for parties.
Planters as a company has stood the testament of time because they understand one thing, quality.

Planters Cashews

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