Gourmet Ramen, Anytime x Anywhere

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Deliciously spicy and perfectly affordable, the Nongshim Shin Cup is an ideal pick for on-the-go eating. You'll love the bright, satisfying heat and mix of flavors in this gourmet ramen. It's a quick-prepare soup that's just as good at home (with extras like a cracked egg and veggies) as it is on your lunch break (ready in a flash). All you have to do is wait for 3 minutes — stir well + serve. These shin cups are versatile and so simple to make.

We talked to Matthew B. from TN about Nongshim and here's what he had to say:


Q: Describe the different flavor notes that you taste in the broth, the texture of the noodles, and overall taste of the noodles in the broth.
Matthew B.:  I taste a distinct spicy heat in the broth. Also, the broth tastes like a heavier broth and has a bit of a vegetable taste to it. The texture of the noodles does not taste cheap and is easy to eat. The noodles with the broth is much better because all the flavors complement each other together.
Q: How would you choose to enhance your mealtime experience of the Shin Cup (e.g. what would you add to it, or what recipes would you make with it)?
Matthew B.:  I would add some bread to enhance the meal just because I enjoy bread with my soup. I would also like to add crackers on the side to enjoy with the soup. I would like to have a beverage that complements this spicy soup.
Q: What did you like most about the Shin Cup, and how does it differ from other ramen you’ve tried?
Matthew B.:  This soup has more of a spicy heat to it than other ramen soups. I really enjoyed how all the flavors came together when I ate the broth and the noodles together. The packaging of the soup also catches your eye more than packaging on other ramen.
“ I really enjoyed how all the flavors came together.”
— Matthew B.,  TN
Q: Describe how you prepared the Shin Cup, the level of convenience in preparing it, and your thoughts on its ease of preparation on-the-go.
Matthew B.:  I prepared the soup by boiling water and pouring it into the Shin Cup and it was ready in three minutes. This way of preparing it is very easy and convenient, and using the microwave instructions sounded very easy as well. I could take this soup cup and prepare it anywhere I go.
Q: If you were recommending this product to someone else, how would you describe the level of heat and general spiciness?
Matthew B.:  The level of heat and spiciness is perfect and is under control.