Gourmet Ramen, Anytime x Anywhere

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Deliciously spicy and perfectly affordable, the Nongshim Shin Cup is an ideal pick for on-the-go eating. You'll love the bright, satisfying heat and mix of flavors in this gourmet ramen. It's a quick-prepare soup that's just as good at home (with extras like a cracked egg and veggies) as it is on your lunch break (ready in a flash). All you have to do is wait for 3 minutes — stir well + serve. These shin cups are versatile and so simple to make.

We talked to Matthew S. from GAabout Nongshim and here's what he had to say:


Q: Describe the different flavor notes that you taste in the broth, the texture of the noodles, and overall taste of the noodles in the broth.
Matthew S.:  In the broth I tasted favors of spiciness and a tangy taste to it as well. The texture of the noodles was soft, slippery, and felt somewhat creamy like butter was on the noodles. The overall taste of the noodles were excellent. I really liked how it was mixed with the broth. The spiciness and slippery feeling of the noodles, as well was great as it blends well together.
Q: How would you choose to enhance your mealtime experience of the Shin Cup (e.g. what would you add to it, or what recipes would you make with it)?
Matthew S.:  To enhance my mealtime experience of the Shin Cup I would add hot sauce to this in order to get more of a spicier tangy taste. By doing this it will make my overall spiciness flavor get more enhanced.
Q: What did you like most about the Shin Cup, and how does it differ from other ramen you’ve tried?
Matthew S.:  What I liked most about the Shin Cup was that the price was great, it was spicy, and has soft noodles. It differs from other ramens that I have tried because of the overall size of the cup and the price cost.
Q: Describe how you prepared the Shin Cup, the level of convenience in preparing it, and your thoughts on its ease of preparation on-the-go.
Matthew S.:  I added hot water from the hot water dispenser in the store where they were providing free coffee and tea. The level of the convenience in preparing it was easy as I had access to hot water upon leaving the store and was able to let this sit for 3 minutes as it was easy to prepare to enjoy on the go.
“The overall taste of the noodles were excellent.”
— Matthew S.,  GA
Q: If you were recommending this product to someone else, how would you describe the level of heat and general spiciness?
Matthew S.:  The heat was there and it was kicking more and more as the noodles were put into my mouth. The general spiciness was there it as it had a tangy spiciness to it, which was tasted overall throughout the whole cup.