My Go-to Taco Companion – Organicville Salsa

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Note: OrganicVille Salsa is made from only the highest quality ingredients – organic, gluten free, vegan, and no added sugar. Grab a jar with confidence here.

Q: What did you do with Organicville Salsa today?
We have used the salsa not just as a dip with tortilla chips but have incorporated into soups and Hispanic foods. Earlier, we used the salsa to add flavor to burritos. It consistently adds that delicious flavor with a nice bit of spice and heat.
Q: In one word how would you describe the salsa?
Q: How would you describe the salsa in one line?
A nice blend of taste and texture
Q: What leading flavor do you taste in the salsa?
There is an almost creamy smoothness initially and the blend of peppers, spices, and vegetables really kicks in with a nice subtle heat and tanginess.
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