Your Baby's New Favorite Snack

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We talked to Jason from GA and here’s what he had to say:

Jason’s Impression of Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bars
They’re full of oats and chia, have a nice soft texture, and smell really appetizing. My daughter enjoyed the taste. I like being able to give her a healthy snack with good ingredients.
His Little’s Experience Trying Them…
She gobbled it up. She is a picky eater so I wasn’t hopeful, but she loved it. She ate almost the entire bar, and she’s not usually a big eater.
What Makes His Kiddo’s Milestones Special…
She took her first steps a month ago. Its an amazing feeling to see her growing up before your eyes. I was out of the country, so I missed my son’s first steps. It’s an indescribable feeling to see my daughter’s.
The Gerber Organic Snack Jason Would Pick Up Next
I’m interested in the Popped Crisps. I’ve tried another brand and it was not a success. I’d like to try another brand.
It has great texture, full of good stuff!

Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

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