Short and Sweet with Only One Gram of Sugar

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We talked to Steven from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Steven’s Impression of Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bars
Both myself and my youngest son liked them a lot. We try to eat as healthy as possible and as little processed sugar as possible so these are a great option.
His Little’s Experience Trying Them…
I gave it to my youngest (under 2) and he really liked them and wanted more. I served it as dessert after dinner with milk.
What Makes His Kiddo’s Milestones Special…
Recently, he’s been talking and communicating constantly (sometimes too much). When we are out and about these snacks would be great to give to him to keep him occupied and hands off of everything he sees.
The Gerber Organic Snack Steven Would Pick Up Next
I would like to try puffs. We tried puffs with my oldest and he loved them, we just haven’t so far with my youngest.
My son loves them and wanted more, I even tried one and I even through one into my cycling bag for tomorrow mornings ride.

Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

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