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We talked to Simba from KY and here’s what he had to say:

Simba’s Impression of Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bars
I love the fact that it was an organic based snack for my child. I like that this product has no GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors. I feel like this is a snack and brand that I can trust over others.
His Little’s Experience Trying Them…
I gave this Gerber bar to my child as a daytime snack. I was not sure how my child would react to a new snack. She seemed very pleased with how it tasted and ate almost all of it.
What Makes His Kiddo’s Milestones Special…
I feel like this is helping my child develop skills to be self sufficient and somewhat independent.
The Gerber Organic Snack Simba Would Pick Up Next
I believe the organic juices from Gerber would be an item I would like to try next with my child.
Gerber is a brand I trust for my children.

Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

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