Dates and Carrots.. The Flavor Combo Works

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We talked to Brandon from AL and here’s what he had to say:

Brandon’s Impression of Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bars
I really like that it has organic fruits as the main ingredient. It makes me feel good about giving my child the snack.
His Little’s Experience Trying Them…
At first she was hesitant and took a minute to get used to the date flavor. I gave it to her as a treat snack while we were running errands.
What Makes His Kiddo’s Milestones Special…
Watching her hit her milestones are both proud and emotional moments. Seeing her eat on her own though is priceless and will help free me up to do more.
The Gerber Organic Snack Brandon Would Pick Up Next
We may try the coconut water next. I have been meaning to get into it as well so we can do it together.
Quick nutritional snack for parents on the go.

Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar

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