Thinking Food for Your Child

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We talked to Ansis from TX and here’s what he had to say:

What Ansis’s Kiddo Thought of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I got the Strawberry 4x4 oz Brainiac Kids Yogurt drink. My daughter tried the drink and liked it. She likes that it is made of strawberries, and it helps you brain and body grow.
How he’ll Work Brain Food Into his Kid’s Day-To-Day
Brainiac Kids Yogurt would be a great breakfast meal for my daughter in the morning. I can keep up the conversation of brain-fueling foods with my child by stating how important food such as Brainiac Kids Yogurt is to start your day for learning at school.
What his Kiddo Wants To Try Next
Mixed Berry is a flavor my daughter would try next since she loves berries and strawberry drinks.
Parent’s Take: Ansis On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
As a parent I truly believe in brain foods for young children. I believe kids benefit from brain foods because they are essential for young and developing minds.
Brainiac Kids Yogurt drink is good for your child's mind and body.

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