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We talked to Walter from TX and here’s what he had to say:

What Walter’s Kiddo Thought of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
They only had Mixed Berry and Strawberry, my son chose the strawberry favor. I'd they had the strawberry banana we would have chose that one.
How he’ll Work Brain Food Into his Kid’s Day-To-Day
Brainiac Kids Yogurt would fit best in the mornings during the school week and for a snack on weekends.
What his Kiddo Wants To Try Next
My kids live anything strawberry banana, so this is an easy choose. As states in he previous question this is the flavor they would have selected.
Parent’s Take: Walter On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
It sounds very beneficial for the kids, but I am being introduced to this product today. I will monitor the kids to see if I can notice a difference in their behavior.
Brainiac Kids Yogurt products taste great and help prepare our kids for success.

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