Brainiac Yogurt Keeps Kids Fueled!

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We talked to Jordan from TX and here’s what he had to say:

What Jordan’s Kiddo Thought of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I got the Mixed Berry yogurt drink. My kids absolutely loved them. I have a 1 1/2 year old and and 9 year old. They each had one and both of them enjoyed it. My 9 year old wishes they were bigger and had more in them. It was the perfect size for my toddler.
How he’ll Work Brain Food Into his Kid’s Day-To-Day
Brainiac Kids Yogurt would go into their lunch box as a pre-lunch snack. We would tell them how it is good for your brain and helps you do better in school and to think better.
What his Kiddo Wants To Try Next
They want to try the tube, Strawberry Banana flavor next. My nine year old feels like it would be more filling. They also like to freeze the tubes and eat them like a popsicle.
Parent’s Take: Jordan On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
It's nice to know my kids can enjoy a healthy snack that has the vitamins and nutrients they need to help their brain power, and something that won't contribute to their sugar intake.
Brainiac Kids Yogurt is a great, healthy snack that I feel good giving my kids.

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