Brain Building with Yogurt

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We talked to Willie from LA and here’s what he had to say:

What Willie’s Kiddo Thought Of Brainiac Kids Yogurt
I purchased the 4-pack 4 oz Strawberry Brainiac Kids Yogurt Drink. The kids enjoyed it.
How He’ll Work Brain Food Into His Kid’s Day-to-day
I include Brainiac Kids Yogurt in lunch boxes, afternoon snacks and as an outing snack. I discussed this in our Girl Scout & Boy Scout groups.
What His Kiddo Wants To Try Next
Next, I would like to try the Mixed Berry tubes. As a family we are trying to reduce our single-use plastic. The tube would be less waste.
Parent’s Take: Willie On Brainiac Kids Yogurt
The kids seem to enjoy it. The listed enchantments have been shown to be beneficial, but to what extent, I am not sure. I'm sure it's more beneficial than harmful.
The kids enjoyed the Brainiac Kids Yogurt with brain-building supplements.

Brainiac Kids Yogurts

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