Gerber Bowls: A Parent's Best Friend

In Partnership with Gerber®

We talked to James from VA and here’s what he had to say:

His Go To Gerber Bowl
I picked oats, red quinoa and farro with tropical fruits. I picked this one because it seemed like the one my child would enjoy the most.
The Nutritional Benefits That Caught James's Attention
I can appreciate the 12 grams of whole grains that are in Gerber Bowls as they help to support my child's diet in these uncertain times. I also like that they are low in sugar while including fruits that she likes.
The Next Bowl James Would Grab For His Little
I would get her the barley and red quinoa with bananas and summer berries Morning Bowl because she enjoyed the first Morning Bowl and would enjoy the fruits in this one as well.
Why He'd Recommend Keeping Them Stocked
I would recommend these to other parents as they are a sensible, balanced meal that is easy to prepare. They are also reasonably priced and easy on a child's stomach.
Gerber Bowls are sure to become a regular part of my child's dietary routine!