Crisp Summer Fun

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We talked to Bryan from CA and here’s what he had to say:

His Thoughts On The Flavor
I originally picked the rosé version of BABE because I have been enjoying rosé this summer! Overall I found the taste to be similar to other comparable rosé wine on the market. The drink was refreshing compared to drinking regular wine.
Bryan’s Take On The Perfect Pairing
I will normally eat anything with a glass of this case I feel that tacos or summer salad with a vinaigrette would be a great summer pairing! People who like sparkling drinks and enjoying an outdoors meal would find this an excellent choice!
What He Thought Of The Convenience Of BABE Wine
Thanks to the canned delivery and ability to easily cool in a refrigerator, this is a very convenient drink that will provide plenty of outdoor fun.
How This Wine Fits Into Bryan's Lifestyle
This is the perfect wine for drinking outdoors, whether hosting company or cooking an evening meal on the grill. I can easily see myself having a can of BABE at any point throughout the week!
BABE Rosé is the perfect summer drink that brings a refreshing and fun twist on traditional wine.