Same Great Taste Without The Extra Calories

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We talked to Nate from SD and here’s what he had to say:

Nate’s Thoughts On The Flavor...
I was actually pleasantly surprised that Budweiser Zero didn't have that strong regular Budweiser taste to it it was actually more like a Bud Light flavor. The overall flavor was light and easy to drink.
What He'd Pair With Budweiser Zero
If I were to serve Budweiser Zero with a meal it would probably be something hearty like a meat and potato dish. The overall lightness of the drink would complement it rather well.
Why Nate Would Recommend This Brew To A Friend
I think Budweiser Zero is a great alternative for people who don't want to necessarily drink but still want to indulge in the flavor of a good beer.
His Favorite Thing About Budweiser Zero
The one thing I liked about Budweiser Zero was the fact that it had low calorie content and zero grams of sugar. As someone who is somewhat health conscious, oftentimes you get a lot of empty calories with beer — it's nice to have other alternatives.
Budweiser Zero has the same great taste with 50 calories and no sugar.

Budweiser Zero