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We talked to Joel from CA and here’s what he had to say:

Joel on The Flavor of Kool Aid Sparklers
The product I purchased was the Grape Kool Aid Sparkler. It was sweet and fuzzy but not too sweet and had just the right amount of fizz. I love grape soda, so it is up there in my top 10 favorite carbonated drinks.
His Thoughts on Healthy Alternatives to Soda
I think the no high fructose corn syrup is a great idea to replace soda. I love soda but getting older, I have to start watching what I'm eating. With this, I would not be so concerned about it.
Who he Would Recommend Kool Aid Sparklers To
I believe my father and his family would like it. There were some health concerns in his family needing to remove high fructose corn syrup. He always drank soda but not anymore. This may be a good substitute for his soda cravings.
Joel’s Next Kool Aid Sparkler Will Be
Well, I would love to try the tropical to see what it is like. The grape was outstanding so I'm sure the tropical is up to par. I think my mom used more water because this flavor is pretty good.
Kool Aid Sparklers tickle my nose.

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