Same taste less sugar.

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We talked to Rich from MA and here’s what he had to say:

Rich on The Flavor of Kool Aid Sparklers
Tropical Punch. I liked that they did not taste too sweet so I didn’t feel bad giving them to my young daughter. She loved the taste and said it was fruity.
His Thoughts on Healthy Alternatives to Soda
Sugar matters because I believe it adds to weight gain. I always look for low sugar or no sugar added products.
Who he Would Recommend Kool Aid Sparklers To
I always share things I like with my family. Since I believe this to be a good alternative for kids I will mainly tell family members with kids. The kids will love the taste and the parents will like that there is less sugar.
Rich’s Next Kool Aid Sparkler Will Be
I think we will stick with the tropical punch. My family is not big on grape juice. I personally always preferred punches and since it is good there is no reason to switch.
Great fruity flavor!

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