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We talked to Guy from NY and here’s what he had to say:

Guy on The Flavor of Kool Aid Sparklers
I purchased the Grape flavor. It has all the flavor that I remember from childhood, but now it’s sparkly so it’s even better.
His Thoughts on Healthy Alternatives to Soda
It is really not bad. I expected this to taste fake. These taste completely like the original Grape, but just sparkly.
Who He Would Recommend Kool Aid Sparklers To
I would definitely recommend this to anyone to put into a child’s lunchbox. They're a good size, and the packaging looks cool.
Guy’s Next Kool Aid Sparkler Will Be
I would like to try the Tropical Punch next. I liked both Grape and Tropical Punch as a kid, so that would be my next logical choice.
Nostalgic flavor in a new package and product.

Kool-Aid Sparklers

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