Kool Aid Of The Future Is Here

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We talked to Steve from TN and here’s what he had to say:

Steve on The Flavor of Kool Aid Sparklers
I purchased the tropical punch. It had good flavor and a nice amount of carbonation. My daughter really enjoyed it.
His Thoughts on Healthy Alternatives to Soda
I would prefer this over soda but strangely enough my daughter prefers juice (which we dilute with water - shhh).
Who He Would Recommend Kool Aid Sparklers To
I would recommend Kool Aid Sparklers to my coworker whose son drinks several Coke products every day.
Steve’s Next Kool Aid Sparkler Will Be
I would stick with the tropical punch. This flavor is closer to her juice.
Kool Aid Sparklers are not the Kool Aid you grew up with.

Kool-Aid Sparklers

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