Reignite With The Vets Drink Up To Help Out!

In Partnership with Kill Cliff

We talked to Carla from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Carlos On The Flavor Of Kill Cliff…
The only flavor available was Blood Orange. The flavor is sweet and light. It's refreshing after a great work out. The ingredients are hard to pronounce but it has a blend of plant extract. I can cut this into my work out.
A Goal He Has Worked Toward
I've been working on losing weight and being cautious in what I eat and how much I eat. I've been starting on the Keto diet to help me lose weight and gain muscle. Still working on losing weight. The goal is to get 185 lbs by the end of September. I started at 221 in February and am currently at 204 lbs.
How Kill Cliff Boosted His Energy…
Ignite is refreshing and really good after drinking it. I would want to try other flavors, to see which one I would cut into my post workout drinks.
Carlos’s Thoughts On Kill Cliff’s Partnership With The Navy Seal Foundation
That's awesome when a company gives back to a community or organization. It tells you that they aren't invested in just making a profit. They care about helping others. I do not know any veterans but I salute them all and if I contribute by purchasing Kill Cliff Ignite, and know that a portion of the purchase will go towards helping veterans, I will continue to buy Ignite.
Kill Cliff Ignite/Recover is a drink to have during or after your workout. Ignite taste great, but also is helping veterans out.

Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade

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