In Partnership with Kill Cliff

We talked to Joseph from MA and here’s what he had to say:

Joseph On The Flavor Of Kill Cliff…
I chose the Blood Orange. I was looking for fruit punch but unfortunately it was not available. However, I enjoyed the flavor. It had the orange flavor and I felt it wasn't overly sweet to sort of mask any deficiency in the flavor.
A Goal he Has Worked Toward
Mainly, my current goal is to fully pay off my student loans. It's been six years and I plan to pay them off by the end of the year. I have felt this has been a bit of a toll in some of the other things I want to do like travel more, but with it soon being done I can accommodate it.
How Kill Cliff Boosted his Energy…
I felt refreshed. I don't think I feel any more rejuvenated. I'm not sure it would be for me to complete a daily goal I would set in regards to feeling more alert.
Joseph’s Thoughts On Kill Cliff’s Partnership With The Navy Seal Foundation
I think it's a noble goal if it is what the company is doing. Many veterans come back with the heavy emotional toll of combat which is not necessarily noble in the gritty details but probably has to be done. They are human and need the emotional support like anyone else and more so to help get through.
Kill Cliff is tasty while not overly sweet.

Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade