Kill Cliff Is Great

In Partnership with Kill Cliff

We talked to Michael from CO and here’s what he had to say:

Michael On The Flavor Of Kill Cliff…
I picked the Kill Cliff blood orange flavor. I liked the flavor; it had a good orange taste.
A Goal he Has Worked Toward
I always wanted to be a chef, and after a few years and set backs I attended culinary school and started working in a hotel.
How Kill Cliff Boosted his Energy…
I really didn't feel an immediate difference. I felt a little blah before I drank the Kill Cliff recover drink. I would say it took like four minutes to have any effect on me, but afterwards I felt better and like I had a little more energy.
Michael’s Thoughts On Kill Cliff’s Partnership With The Navy Seal Foundation
I like the fact that they donate to vets. I feel better about buying this product knowing that they do that.
Kill Cliff has a good taste and really works.

Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade