Great Taste, Natural Flavors

In Partnership with Kill Cliff

We talked to Greg from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Greg On The Flavor Of Kill Cliff…
I chose Blood Orange. It was the only flavor in stock.
A Goal he Has Worked Toward
I continue to strength train for 20 years now. I train to stay in shape and help with my job as a firefighter.
How Kill Cliff Boosted his Energy…
I waited until after my workout to try the Recover. I enjoyed the taste, but I'm not sure yet after drinking it if it helped with recovery. It's too soon to tell.
Greg’s Thoughts On Kill Cliff’s Partnership With The Navy Seal Foundation
I love any company that is willing to give back to veterans. That is outstanding.
Kill Cliff has a great taste with natural flavors.

Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade