Consider This New After Workout Drink For Refreshment

In Partnership with Kill Cliff

We talked to Chris from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Chris On The Flavor Of Kill Cliff…
I drank Kill Cliff Recover Pomegranate Punch.
A Goal he Has Worked Toward
I've started a new weight loss goal to lose 10 pounds from July 1 to the end of September by walking on average 10,000 steps per day. As of July 20, I have averaged 10.5K steps per day and lost five pounds. I feel good about progress so far and am energized to complete the goal which will help with overall health, and specifically with high blood pressure and Diabetes 2 and give me more energy for the rest of my life.
How Kill Cliff Boosted his Energy…
I drank the Kill Cliff Recover after a 1-1/2 walk. I liked the taste and I did feel refreshed.
Chris’s Thoughts On Kill Cliff’s Partnership With The Navy Seal Foundation
I definitely do like support for veterans and appreciate what this brand is doing to help them.
Recover is a worthy after workout drink in many flavors with no junk in it.

Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade