Ethically Delicious Coffee

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Chris from MN tried Ethical Bean Coffee from Walmart. Here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to make your first cup?
The Ethical Bean Coffee packaging is very colorful, which grabbed my attention immediately. I was excited to try it since the coffee is ethically sourced and because the flavor sounded amazing.
Your thoughts on the flavor?
I thought the flavor of Ethical Bean Coffee was absolutely incredible and delicious. It was such a smooth flavor too, leaving no unappealing aftertaste like some other coffees do.
How does Ethical Bean fit into your day-to-day?
My favorite thing about Ethical Bean Coffee is that it is ethically sourced, which is very important to me with the products I purchase. My next favorite thing about it is the luscious flavor of the coffee.
The reason you’d pass this coffee recommendation to a friend...
I would recommend Ethical Bean Coffee to friends because of its wonderful variety of flavors. I'd also recommend it because of how the coffee is sourced since that is also important to my coffee-drinking friends.
Ethical Bean Coffee gives me great-tasting coffee while feeling good about how it's sourced.

Find Ethical Bean on the coffee aisle at Walmart.

Ethical Bean Coffee