Coffee With A Story Of Origin

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Marc from OH tried Ethical Bean Coffee from Walmart. Here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to make your first cup?
I was excited to try Ethical Bean Coffee because it has been a long time since I have tried a whole bean coffee. I typically buy pre-ground coffee. Plus, the idea of being able to trace the beans with a QR code is really cool.
Your thoughts on the flavor?
I picked the lush medium dark roast whole bean coffee. Good bold flavor and not burnt. I like dark, rich coffee, but not burnt coffee and Ethical Bean Coffee fits the bill. I would buy this flavor again.
How does Ethical Bean fit into your day-to-day?
My favorite part about Ethical Bean Coffee is the QR code on the back and the fact that I can trace it and get all the information right from one quick scan from my phone. The flavor is also good. The medium dark roast is definitely going to be a go-to flavor for me in the future.
The reason you’d pass this coffee recommendation to a friend...
I would recommend Ethical Bean Coffee to a friend of mine that believes organic, ethically sourced products are important for our culture and future. When I share a cup with a friend it will be easy to share the story and show the QR code scan while we're enjoying a cup on the back deck.
Ethical Bean Coffee is a great medium dark roast coffee that doesn't have a burnt aftertaste. Plus, the QR code scan tells a story.

Find Ethical Bean on the coffee aisle at Walmart.

Ethical Bean Coffee